Uptown Diamonds


Robbins BrothersUptown Diamonds specializes in creating unique engagement rings in Houston. They pride themselves on using creative jewelry artists that are able to design Houston engagement rings that no other store has. Wedding rings in Houston are often customer made at Uptown Diamonds.

Their customers can always speak to a diamond adviser if they have any questions about engagement rings in Houston, Texas as well as wedding bands for men and wedding bands for women. Each engagement ring purchased here is different than the last.


Uptown Diamonds

Services Offered:

The quality of custom rings created at Uptown Diamonds is second to none. When customers are ready to purchase a ring from Houston jewelry stores such as this one they first meet with a consultant that will help them discover exactly what they want in their jewelry. The consultant will teach them everything they need to know whether they are looking for a ring or another piece of jewelry. Customers who are seeking classic vintage jewelry will be able to purchase an antique ring from Uptown Diamonds.

There are several staff members who are expert gemologists and each of them serves to help their customers make the best possible decisions when it comes to the purchase they make. While some customers find Uptown Diamonds affordable and some do not, the quality of the merchandise and level of customer service makes it worth paying the prices they charge even though they may be higher than other jewelry stores in Houston, Texas.

Why to Choose Them:

Uptown Diamonds is committed to ensuring that the jewelry purchased at their store remains in excellent condition. Customers can have their jewelry inspected and cleaned every year, as long as they bought it from the company.


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