Unique Engagement Proposal in a Limousine Ride

Most of life’s milestones are inflexible. High school prom is tethered to rowdy teenagers and lots of awkward moments. Graduations demand unflattering hats, speeches, and crowds.

Births, except the emergency, cannot elude hospitals, homes and a fair share of goo. Engagement proposals offer a pleasant flexibility as they do not call for specific dates or time, locations, garments or compulsory attendees save the two of you.

They represent the few milestones that you can manipulate as you see fit. We all agree that the classic gesture of placing an engagement ring in a glass of champagne in a fancy resort is quite lovely.

A Christmas or New Year’s proposal is also grand. However, isn’t tradition best left to those few milestones offering little or no flexibility at all? It is a challenge that as you plan towards that engagement proposal, deviate from the beaten path and consider these unforgettable engagement proposals.

An essential aspect that makes a marriage proposal memorable is the element of surprise. Be bold and propose with something your fiancée or her friends didn’t expect. For the longest time, hundreds of years, diamonds have been the preferred center stone for engagement rings. How about choosing a colored gem for a change?

Colored gems are never identical, which can be a symbol of your unique friendship and also a guarantee that your woman will never share her “engagement ring glory” with another. Another misguided belief is that diamond is the only precious stone with a hefty price tag.

If your lady is one of those posh ones, you can get her a gemstone that is even more expensive than a diamond of equal quality. One of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life is often the engagement proposal.

For the longest time, the proposal has always been a major highlight of the experience a couple has had together. With YouTube and Instagram, creative proposals have become the trend, and more men are becoming innovative and coming up with unique proposal experiences. 

Don’t be left out. An engagement proposal in a limousine ride is one road that is less traveled and an exceptional way to ask her to marry you. Call a limo service in Houston, TX and hire a Chrysler limo, a Rolls Royce or even an American Lincoln and set out with your loved one for a wine tour.

Ask the chauffeur to make their way to The Water Wall, The Sky Lobby, The Kemah Boardwalk or any destination of your choice and pop the big question when she least expects it.

Is there any law barring a woman from proposing to the man they love? It is common for men to propose to ladies in heterosexual relationships. What if a woman should decide not to follow tradition and propose?

The couple would have a story like no other. Your story will always be the topic of many social gatherings you attend. It may be uncommon for men to wear engagement rings, but it is not out of the question.

You can also get your man some cufflinks, a watch or any other accent he can wear daily. A proposal is a step towards a lifelong commitment; it is always nice if you make it as memorable as possible.

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