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Robbins BrothersWith more than 35 years- experience with jewelry the staff of Intercontinental Jewelers is now responsible for providing engagement rings in Houston. Since they buy loose diamonds and manufacture their own products Intercontinental Jewelers is able to offer affordable Houston engagement rings and wedding bands for women as well as wedding bands for men. In addition to selling engagement rings in Houston, Texas they also sell bracelets and earrings. Few other jewelry stores in Houston, Texas are as popular as Intercontinental Jewelers.


Intercontinental Jewelers

Services Offered:

Intercontinental Jewelers offers sets that include the engagement ring and wedding rings in Houston. These sets include diamonds and are set in white gold. The store also sells vintage and classic rings that are just as beautiful as more modern ones. Their selection of antique rings is unique among Houston jewelry stores. Customers are always free to design a custom ring at Intercontinental Jewelers. They can choose the diamond first and choose a ring to put it in or choose the ring first. Customers can choose the shape of the jewel before the ring is constructed. Some of the shapes they can choose from include round, pear, heart, cushion and oval.


Why to Choose Them:

Intercontinental Jewelers is also a wholesaler, which means their rings are cheaper than they would be if they were purchased from a traditional retailer. Customers who shop wholesale can get jewelry that is still good quality without having to pay the prices that retail stores usually charge. This makes it possible for people to pay for engagement and wedding rings and avoids them having to purchase these items online where they might pay much more for a piece of jewelry than it is worth.
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