Engagement Proposal in The Limousine Party Bus

If you’re ready to pop the big question to your girlfriend, you’ll surely worry about how to make it perfect and might even feel nervous in the process. Coming up with the proper way to say those four words (Will you marry me?) can be challenging even for men who are regularly romantic.

You’ve probably imagined it to be so perfect – something she’ll remember forever. That can put you under a lot of pressure. But don’t worry; here are some tips for planning the perfect engagement proposal in a limousine.

For instance, the location could be the spot in Houston TX city where you shared your first kiss, where you had your first date or the spot you first told her “I love you.” Having your engagement proposal in a limousine in one of these locations indicates that your relationship has come to a full circle.

Surprise her by having friends and family around to witness the occasion. Another way to do this is to have your loved ones out of view, after you’ve popped the question and she responds with a “yes,” then signal everyone to come around to share in your happiness.

Hire an expert photographer. He/she can hang around the venue of your proposal and capture beautiful photos of your proposal scene. Most professional photographers in Houston TX know how to make the scene appear more magical, and be at the perfect position to capture the look on her face when you go down on one knee, and when you place the engagement ring on her finger.

It is a good idea to invest in an expert photographer, because those images are too important to risk losing.

While in your limousine ride, have a nice tune playing in the background to make your proposal unforgettable. If you both have a song that you love, or if she still remembers the song you first slow-danced to, that can be a great choice.

Propose earlier in the evening. Instead of waiting till the end of the night, after a concert, or after a romantic dinner, begin at the place you intend to pop the question and enjoy the rest of the evening.

That way, you won’t spend all night feeling nervous. In addition to that, she gets to show off her engagement right the entire night.

After all the planning, it is the words you say that’ll make your proposal perfect. Tell her when you knew she was the right one for you; also tell her why you love her so much. Then, tell her what your future together will be like. Congratulations on your new beginning.

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