Diamonds By De Simone


Robbins BrothersDiamonds By De Simone is made up of a group of experts in the jewelry industry. Other jewelry stores in Houston, Texas charge much more for wedding bands for men and wedding bands for women, as well as for an engagement ring.

Diamonds De Simone is more affordable than most other Houston jewelry stores.


Robbins Brothers

Services Offered:

In addition to being a diamond seller this store also designs unique custom made Houston engagement rings as well as wedding rings in Houston. Many couples get their engagement rings in Houston from Diamonds By De Simone because they know the staff are expert jewelers. Customers can choose from classic and vintage antique jewelry. Those looking for engagement rings in Houston, Texas will find their best choices at Diamonds De Simone. Other types of jewelry such as earrings and bracelets are often sold at clearance prices.

Rings can also be purchased at clearance prices, though these rings come as is and cannot be customized. This makes Diamonds By De Simone a great place for customers to shop for presents to give to family and friends. It is also helpful for anyone who wants to add to their own jewelry collection but can’t afford to pay top dollar to do so.


Why to Choose Them:

Any jewelry that needs to be repaired can be repaired at Diamonds By De Simone, whether it was purchased there or not. They also provide jewelry engraving and appraisal. As with the repairs, jewelry that was not purchased at Diamonds By De Simone can be appraised there anyway.

Customers will get a thorough explanation of what their piece of jewelry is worth and why it is worth the amount. These services go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to those who bring their business to the store. Diamonds By De Simone is the best source for local jewelry experts in the Houston area.



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